About me

I am a researcher specialising in issues at the interface between scientific evidence, practice, policy and philosophy. I have a multi-disciplinary background that includes Pharmacy (MSc), Molecular Medicine (PhD) and Philosophy/Ethics of Science (post-doctoral experience and collaborative research). I am particularly interested in responsible science-based decision-making and in the conceptual premises of sustainability in biotechnology, medicine and innovation. I focus on risk and safety of new biotechnologies, both from a practical, methodological and philosophical perspective. As part of this, I work on expert disagreement, and the influence of philosophical basic assumptions in evidence production and evaluation. I am also interested in educating young practitioners and researchers to interdisciplinarity, starting from a critical understanding of their own and others’ basic assumptions. 

I have been the PI of the project ‘Causation, Probability and Complexity in Pharmacovigilance‘ (2018-2021,CauseHealth Risk and Safety), financed by the WHO-collaborating centre  Uppsala Monitoring Centre for global drug safety (Pharmacovigilance).

i am based in Oslo, Norway, where I work as Associate Professor at the Department of Life Sciences and health, Faculty of Health Sciences, at Oslo Metropolitan University.

Uppsala Reports